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Claymore Award 

Fia McKee Series

Award Nominee

Best First Novel

Nikki Latrelle Series:


Dr. Tony Ryan Award
Best in Racing Literature
Award Finalist

Sasscer Hill, who's been involved in horse racing as an amateur jockey and racehorse breeder for much of her life, sets many of her novels against a background of big money, gambling, and horse racing. Her novel, FLAMINGO ROAD, won the $10,000 Dr. Tony Ryan Best in Racing Literature award for 2018. Her other novels have garnered a Carrie McCray award and nominations for Agatha, Macavity, and Claymore awards. 

"I've never wanted to write the “Great American novel.” I believe my job is to entertain with stories about chasing a dream, fighting the odds, and helping the helpless. I want to create a world that’s a bit scary, sometimes funny, always informative, and a reliable destination for escape."     


“Could Sasscer Hill be the Dick Francis of her generation? Count me among those who would vote yes.” Margaret Maron, New York Times Best Selling Author and Winner of Edgar Best Novel, Edgar Grand Master, Agatha, Anthony & Macavity Awards 

Her newest title,  SHOOTING STAR, is fifth novel in the "Nikki Latrelle" mystery series.

When Nikki goes undercover in a racing movie, she faces a slimy producer, a seductive movie star, and murder. Can she unreel the truth before she's the next victim?

Agatha Christie
Award Nominee

Best First Novel

Nikki Latrelle Series:


Carrie McCray
Memorial Literary
Award Winner

1st Chapter of a Novel

Fia McKee Series


     Winner of Ryan Award for Best  

        Book in Racing Literature

               Fia McKee Series

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SHOOTING STAR, The newest Nikki Latrelle

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Finalist for the Killer Nashville

 Silver Falchion

Best Mystery of 2020 Award.

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