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News Clips of Sasscer Hill

The Travels of Quinn

Find out what the TRAVELS OF QUINN is all about!

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Sasscer Hill on Jennie

News interview with Jennie of Augusta's Channel 6. Sasscer Hill's author journey and the murder mystery featuring South Carolina's Irish American Travellers. TRAVELS OF QUINN, a novel of deceit, murder, greed and hope.

House of Mystery Podcast with Alan Warren

Listen to Alan's terrific interview with Sasscer by clicking "House of Mystery" here!

Alex Lewczuk of London's Siren Radio Interviews Author Sasscer Hill

TVG Star Caton Bredar discusses FLAMINGO ROAD and author Sasscer Hill. Watch Hill win the award! 

Mystery author, Sasscer Hill, Wins $10,000 Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award, for Best in Racing Literature. The three finalists included bestselling author, Felix Francis. See the live TV interview here

TVG's Rich Perloff Interviews Sasscer Hill

  Alexandra Amor's video interview with author Sasscer Hill. 

Ingrid Bergman's daughter, Radio and TV host, Pia Lindstrom, interviews Sasscer Hill about Sasscer's new book, FLAMINGO ROAD

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Sasscer Hill reads the first chapter of FLAMINGO ROAD

The Sea Horse Trade
Sasscer Hill reading from The Sea Horse Trade
Sasscer Hill discusses the sex trade with author Laura Lippman at Malice Domestic 2013
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