Trade Reviews for THE DARK SIDE OF TOWN are Red Hot!

“Filled with sense-laden descriptions and ever tightening suspense, this is gripping mystery fare and a terrific successor to the racecourse mystery world first carved out by Dick Francis.” —Booklist, (starred review)


“Fans of horse racing and everyone else will find this tale of love, lust, greed, and family ties an    enjoyable ride.”–Publishers Weekly

“Sound racing lore mixes with sex and murder to provide a blood-soaked edge-of-your-seat thriller”–Kirkus.


“The second book in the Fia McKee series delivers another high-octane trip into the professional world of horse racing. The sights, sounds and activity of the racetrack all come to life [with] a heroine who can hold her own in room full of bad guys.”—Romantic Times   

“. . . the nifty plot includes a murder at the track and other surprising narrative twists. Satisfying as all of this turns out to be, even better is the sense of fidelity that Sasscer Hill brings to the business of racing horses. Before Hill turned to writing crime novels, she bred, trained and rode horses, and she’s impressive in sharing with readers the magic she finds in the whole thoroughbred scene.”–The Toronto Star, An Editor’s Pick. 


          "To be honest, I was a bit reticent to pick up your book, because other than Dick Francis (who was cliched) I am always disappointed with authors that just don't get the racing details correct in novels.

           Not so with your book, The Dark Side of Town. I thought that the racing detail was excellent and the details of Saratoga very nicely done. As it happens, our house in Saratoga is on Fifth Avenue right around the corner from Brook Tavern and I very much enjoyed the detail of the scenes that were set there. Fia was a strong and very attractive character and her relationship with Calixto caused me to blush on a few occasions. There were two violent scenes that were pretty tough but realisitic. I also found Fia's relationship with her mother very conflicted and not surprisingly not resolved in the end. 

           I recently ordered Flaming Road and Racing From Evil from Amazon and look forward to reading them.”        ––Charlie Hayward, former head of the New York Racing Association, Editor, the Daily Racing Form, Publisher of Simon & Schuster’s General Book Division and President and CEO of Little, Brown and Company






















Fans of Kinsey Millhone and V. I. Warshawski, there’s a new sheriff in town. Her name’s Fia McKee and she’s as smart, tough, impetuous, cynical, caring, infuriating, likeable, sassy, sexy, temperamental, and courageous as those illustrious predecessors.  As for Sasscer Hill—the woman can flat-out write.  She proves it with “Flamingo Road,” an intelligent and thrilling first book in what promises to be a great series.”—David Housewright, Edgar Award-winning author of “Stealing the Countess”


                FLAMINGO ROAD


41/2 Stars: TOP PICK. Fantastic. A Keeper.
“This high-octane thriller delivers with a multi-layered plot including horse racing, Cuban gangs, illegal substances and Family dynamics. . . . The first book out of the gate in this series proves to be a surefire winner.”—Sandra Martin, Romantic Times


“Hill  . . . boasts knowledge of horses and the very real problems in horse racing that fill this sound mystery with thrills and hair-raising action from first to last.”—Kirkus 


“ . . . will appeal to fans of all things horse racing, strong female protagonists, and Florida noir.” — Karen Keefe, Book List. 


“In her never-a-dull-moment account, Hill's unique combination of sharp writing skills and racing knowledge puts the reader in the moment - and in the saddle. Fia McKee is a sleuth with brains, imagination and logic-defying nerve. If getting in on the ground floor of a new series appeals to you, this may be the door to go through.”— Fran Wood,, True Jersey


“ . . . a good job developing the horse-racing background, as well as depicting the criminals who populate the C-Nine Basin (aka the Wild West of Florida).”—Publishers Weekly

"A fast pace and a feisty heroine put FLAMINGO ROAD in the winner's circle. Sasscer Hill is off to the races with her new character, Fia McKee, and I'm on board for that ride!"—Tami Hoag, NYT Bestselling author of THE BITTER SEASON

“Fast paced, suspenseful, and cleverly plotted–insider Sasscer Hill nails the high stakes world of horse racing. Her fierce and determined investigator Fia McKee will speed you to thefinish line and leavy you breathless. A winner!”—Hank Phillippi  Agatha, Anthony, Mary Higgins Clark, and Macavity Award winning author


“In her new thriller, Sasscer Hill ups the ante on her horses.  Could she be the Dick Francis of her generation? Count me among those who would vote yes.”—–Margaret Maron, New York Times Best Selling Author and Winner of Edgar, Agatha, Anthony & Macavity Awards 

"Hill takes her readers on the ride of their lives as high-stakes crime collides with the adrenaline-fueled world of professional horse racing in Flamingo Road—a surefire winner, rich in authentic detail and heart-stopping suspense."—Andrew Grant, author of suspense thrillers “Run” and “False Positive”

Praise for the Nikki Latrelle Books

“. . . the honor comes in your [Hill's] accomplishments and talent, and you should take great pride in such a magnificent trifecta. Congratulations!!! Well done. Dick Francis lives!”

– Steve Haskin, Senior Correspondent, Blood-Horse. Former National Correspondent, Daily Racing Form, and winner of 19 awards for Turf Writing.


“Hill’s fans are in for a treat as she moves her cast of characters south to Florida’s Gulfstream Park, with descriptions vivid enough that readers may imagine the feel of Florida’s unpredictable weather, scents of the ocean and the taste of seafood. Hill’s masterful plot is woven seamlessly, leaving readers wondering who are the good guys and who may be evil incarnate. Warning: Anyone reading Seahorse Trade, needs to be sure to have plenty of time because it’s impossible to put it down.”

– Martha Barbone, The Horse of Delaware Valley, June 2013


“If you love Dick Francis, you’ll love Sasscer Hill. If you don’t love Dick Francis, you’ll still love Sasscer Hill! This twisty and fast-paced page turner is cleverly plotted and genuinely entertaining—Hill’s insider knowledge and love of the horse-racing world shines through on every page. Sasscer knows her stuff!”

- Hank Phillippi Ryan. Agatha, Anthony, Mary Higgins Clark, and Macavity Award–winning author


 “If you miss the late Dick Francis’s racetrack thrillers, you’ll be intrigued by Sasscer Hill’s Racing From Death”

– The Washington Post, August 29, 2012


"Sasscer Hill brings us another exciting racehorse mystery  . . . the real asset of this excellent series is the hard-riding, hard-partying Nikki herself. Spirited to a fault, she doesn't suffer fools gladly . . . an utterly unique take on racetrack thrillers." - Betty Webb, Mystery Scene Magazine, Summer Issue, 2012


 "New novel about a Laurel Park jockey is a wild ride. While compared to Dick Francis and Sue Grafton, Hill's work reflects her respect for horse racing and the influence of the late Walter Farley. A page-turner, the book's sentences are short and crisp. The action comes off as authentic."

- Sandra McKee, Baltimore Sun, April, 2012


“This is a major new talent and the comparisons to Dick Francis are not hyperbole.”

--Margaret Maron, New York Times Best selling author and winner of the Edgar, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity awards.


"Sasscer Hill has hit her stride with her second, and hopefully one of many more, race track mysteries, 'Racing from Death'. A page turner that does not disappoint."

- Martha Barbone, Horse of the Delaware Valley, April, 2012


“Any weight on the jockey is a burden on the horse. ‘Racing from Death’ is a novel surrounding the dark side of horse racing, the race from jockeys to get to an even lower competitive weight. Nikki Latrelle, a jockey, finds something evil in the woods around the tracks, and that drugs are enthusing themselves into the sport. Facing potential death and long hidden secrets in her family, ‘Racing from Death’ is an exciting thriller set in the world of horse racing, very much recommended.”

– Carl Logan, Midwest Book Review, February 8, 2013


“Sasscer Hill brings us another exciting racehorse mystery in Racing from Death (Wildside Press, $13.99). When Maryland jockey Nikki Latrelle,  introduced in the Agatha-nominated Full Mortality, takes several horses to race at a Virginia track, she lands in the middle of several cold cases.  Years earlier, two teenage boys were shot to death, leaving their mother in despair. Around the same time, another mother disappeared, abandoning her young son to his cold father. In the present, and possibly connected to

 those old tragedies, jockeys are dropping dead, victims of a lethal weight-loss drug.


Horse lovers and fans of Dick Francis will love Hill’s you-are-there-on-the-racecourse thriller, but the real asset of this excellent series is the hard-riding, hard-partying Nikki herself. After being orphaned, Nikki ran away to the track, where she found her calling.  Spirited to a fault, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, especially when their ignorance harms horses.           


Nikki’s racetrack friends are worth mentioning, too.  Lorna, an exercise rider, loves too hard and too blindly; Mello, an elderly groom, has a touch of the Sight. In fact, Mello’s visions give Racing from Death the touch of magic that separates it from standard mystery fare. Add to the character mix a mysterious crying man who haunts a nearby forest, and we’re given an utterly unique take on racetrack thrillers.”


- "Small Press Reviews" by Betty Webb for Mystery Scene Magazine, 2012 Summer #125