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Sasscer Hill

Murder at the Willcotts Hotel


 Rave Review!
“Murder at the Wilcotts Hotel is a story of wealth, love, and danger, where one woman's new beginning takes an unexpected turn. Janet's journey is a gripping tale of suspense and intrigue.”—Midwest Book Review, November 2023


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“A heart-stopping thriller of a murder mystery”– Charles Todd, Anthony, Edgar, and Barry Award winning author.


Includes bonus chapter of new Nikki Latrelle novel, SHOOTING STAR!

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When Nikki’s ex-lover Will hires her to protect the horses used to film a movie at Santa Anita Racetrack, she learns evil is alive and well in Hollywood.


Keeping Thoroughbreds safe from a director who doesn’t know a horse from a hamster is tricky. More difficult are the unresolved feelings between Nikki and Will, especially when sexy, young movie star, Jamie Jackson, sets his sights on Nikki.


But when a sniper’s bullet shatters the brain of a cameraman close enough that she can smell his blood, Nikki’s need to protect overrides everything. Her sleuthing unearths a trail of corruption and when she must lie to Will to protect his life, she’s on her own. Can she identify the evil behind the scenes before she and Will become the next victims?


Shooting Star is the fifth rocket-paced story in the award-winning Nikki Latrelle mystery series. If you like protagonists with heart and courage, unexpected twists, and a thrill ride to the finish, you’ll love Shooting Star.


Find out why this series has so many fans.


Buy Shooting Star today!

FLAMINGO ROAD, Winner of the 2018 $10,000 Dr. Tony Ryan Award for Best in Racing Literature

Baltimore police officer Fia Mckee is suspended for excessive use of force. Given a second chance, she’s sent to work undercover for the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau (TRPB) at Gulfstream Park in Florida, where her assignment is to spy on two racetrack workers suspected of illegal activities and whose horses continue to outperform all expectations.


To complete her cover story, Fia moves in with her semi-estranged brother, Patrick, and his daughter, Jilly. Fia’s investigations become twofold when Jilly disappears after an off the grid Cuban gang steals her beloved pony for horsemeat. Along the way, Fia encounters, a (very handsome) do-gooder who’s close on their trail, and a cabal of super wealthy gamblers who will stop at nothing to ensure they always win.

An Editors Pick, Toronto Star

Fia McKee, now officially employed by the Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau (TPRB), is sent undercover to Saratoga Racetrack to investigate Mars Pizutti, a racehorse trainer whose horses’ wins are suspiciously lucky―and lucrative. Fia’s bosses believe Pizutti’s success is based on illegal drugs and deceitful methods, and they want Fia to work inside his barn to ferret out the truth.

But after witnessing the tragic and inexplicable suicide of a jockey, Fia discovers the rider’s death is only the tip on an iceberg involving the mob, a crooked racing hedge fund, and threats to the lives of another jockey and his young sister. Fia must find out who’s connected to who, and what shadowy forces are at play before someone else dies.

Fleeing from her evil stepfather through the dark, frozen streets of Baltimore, orphaned Nikki Latrelle climbs the razor-wire fence into Pimlico Racetrack. It’s a place  she feels safe, a place where she spent happy times with her mother. Nikki knows how to ride, and dreams of being a jockey.


But with the police and stepfather on her trail, how can a thirteen-year-old runaway with no ID, no family, and no income survive?

Jockey Nikki Latrelle gets the chance of a lifetime -- to ride the favorite in a stakes race -- only to have her dream destroyed when a mysterious intruder kills her mount the night before the race. 

Evil is at work at Maryland’s Laurel Park race track, and when Nikki stumbles over the body of a gunshot victim, she quickly becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.

Framed and facing a possible murder rap, Nikki is ruled-off the track.


Deprived of job and income, Nikki follows a deadly trail of insurance scam and betting fraud. Will she live long enough to clear her name?

Racing at Virginia's beautiful Colonial Downs turns into a nightmare for jockey Nikki Latrelle. A sociopath is selling diet cocktails...and killing jockeys who struggle to make racing weight.

A hidden meth lab, an old family secret, a body buried years ago in the woods, and a friend's disappearance pull Nikki into a race against death.

The Sea Horse Trade, takes readers to South Florida for a wild ride on the dark side, mixing horse racing, a mysterious drug kingpin, prostitution, and a mother's brave search for the daughter she was forced to give up at birth.   

For the first time, the short stories of award winning author, Sasscer Hill, are available in paperback! GRIPPING TALES OF FACT AND FICTION contains four true stories, from the book, Rare Highs and Killer Lows. Additionally, this anthology contains five mystery fiction stories: the noir tale Steamroller, two cozy Janet Simpson mysteries, a bonus Nikki Latrelle story, and a traditional Sherlock Holmes mystery.

Ruled off Maryland’s Laurel Park racetrack, for a crime she had no part in, jockey Nikki Latrelle struggles to survive at a seedy training track, where a convicted murder terrorizes a young Latina groom.

Four true stories from the life of author Sasscer Hill.  Share the experiences that allow Hill to write with both authority and passion.

This Sherlock Holmes short story appeared in Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine.

GAME is Sasscer Hill's first published work. It is a short story about gambling and deceit that appeared in an obscure journal in upstate New York in 2007. It is the story that launched the Nikki Latrelle Horse Racing series. It is the story that, rewritten, became chapter three of FULL MORTALITY.

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Recently widowed and wealthy, middle-aged Janet Simpson decides to buy a race horse – something her husband never allowed.  

Her newfound freedom and wealth provide her with a race filly and the kind of trouble from which only her wits can save her.


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